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FoodQuest – The search for True Grits and other Southern Delicacies

A Barbeque Bulls Eye

Biff and the B-Man finally hit the FoodQuest trail again. Today, it was an extended trip into the Cleveland community in Johnston County. The duo took off southeast on I-40, exited at Hwy 42 and then picked up Cleveland Rd. to Charlie’s BBQ down the road apiece in Biff’s favorite part of the country, rural North Carolina.

NC Foodquest Visit - Charlie

One could almost miss Charlie’s, though it is the end unit of a four or five store center. Arriving just after 11:30, Biff and B-Man were ready for a special FoodQuest lunch. The team got their menus and perused numerous offerings. All explained by none other than Charlie himself. Biff and the B-Man were hunkering down for a FoodQuest delite. B-Man ordered the pork BBQ sandwich with slaw on the side and the Biffster got the beef brisket sandwich with slaw on top.


Shortly thereafter our sandwiches arrived and the duo dove right in, so fast that Biff forgot to take a picture of the sandwiches.

B-Man liked his BBQ and the special Charlie’s sauce. Biff’s beef brisket was quite tasty and oh-so tender. The only thing for Biff, other than that it was delicious, was that as a sandwich it was mooshy at the end. Well, Charlie comes back to our table and asks how we liked our meal. “Great”: we said. Then he suggested we try his Brunswick Stew. He brings out two nice servings of an uniquely different and very tasty Brunswick Stew with piping hot hush puppies for the Biff and B-man to sample. Of course the B-Stew was spot-on with a pleasant slightly sweet taste. The B-Man polished his off in no time.

To top the lunch off, Charlie, The B-Man and Biff sat and talked for another 45 minutes. It seems you not only get great food at Charlie’s, you also get Charlie, the real deal, and most likely the other folks on the Charlie team.

It was time to go with one last look at the memorabilia wall (Charlie retired from the NC Highway Patrol). Charlie’s deserves a well deserved place on the FoodQuest Honor Roll. Excellent food, nice surroundings and good ole NC friendliness, all in one cozy package. Charlie’s earns its top grit rating.
FoodQuest rating : 4 grits


These are FoodQuest destinations that rate 4 Grits. The highest award that can be bestowed by Woody and Biff.

4 Grits — The perfect blend of great food, good prices and just right ambiance. Worth the drive, regardless of your location.

  • T’ville Diner – Thomasville – 06.23.10
  • Johnson’s Drive In – Siler City – 05.18.10
  • Tommy’s Deli – Apex – 05.15.10
  • Granny’s Country Kitchen – Icard – 07.18.10
  • Anvil’s Cheesesteaks – Raleigh (Cary) – 09.24.10
  • Fat Philly’s – Holly Springs – 05.27.11
  • Charlie’s BBQ & Grille – Clayton – 03.01.12

Charlies BBQ & Grille
8948 Cleveland Rd.
Clayton, NC 227521
Tuesday – Saturday 11 – 7

Note: Every business should be as friendly and welcoming as Charlie’s.
Bonus Note: Woody would have been in “Hog Haven” with this trip to Charlie’s.

Welcome to our Business-Charlie’s BBQ & Grille

There is a proverb….”if you don’t have a smile on your face you shouldn’t be in business”.
In a recent visit to Charlie’s BBQ & Grille in semi-rural NC….walking in the door….was a genuine welcome from Charlie….the owner. As strangers….this was an invitation to do business here with Charlie’s.

How many businesses could use a smile to make their customers feel welcome? All business is an interaction between individuals….if a business can’t put a real smile on its face….it ought not to be in business.

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