Full Cooked Pig for 100 People

Full Cooked Pig for 100 People

* For plates, 1lb. of hand pulled BBQ, pint of Cole Slaw, and a dozen hushpuppies will feed 2 adults

* For sandwiches, 1lb. or hand pulled BBQ, a pint of Cole Slaw, and 4 buns will feed 4 adults

* 4 Boston butt will feed 8-10 adults

* 25 lbs. of hand pulled BBQ will provide for 50 adults; 50 lbs. of chopped BBQ will provide for 100 adults

* A 100 lb. Pig (a whole pig), after it is cooked, will yield approximately 50 lbs. of meat and will feed 100 adults

a whole pig cooked to order and delivery = $450

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Price: $450.00

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