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What is a Pitmaster?

Pitmaster. Noun. (plural pitmasters) One who operates a barbecue pit. Sometimes a term of respect for someone who is skilled at barbecuing.

An experienced barbecue cook, a skilled craftsman, who watches over the pit and can tell by sight, sound, smell, and touch, if it is running too hot or too cold, when it needs fuel, when to add wood, when to add sauce, and when the meat is ready.

A true BBQ master takes every aspect of cooking and makes it seem effortless.

Charlie’s Pitmasters Team

Each one of our pitmasters team are highly trained from the pit, the wood, rub, temperature, prep techniques, and sauce, all come together to make great BBQ. Consistency is the key. It takes time, lots of effort, lots of love and passion.

Here at Charlie’s BBQ and Grille, we are honor to received several awards for our fine Barbecue , and count it a privilege to serve you. Our focus is preparing the best food for our customers, and focus on giving each customer the best services and dining experience..

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