Allow Charlie's BBQ & Grille the opportunity to cook your Final Four Tailgating Party!

Pre-Order Your Final Four meal!

Catering Options

For plates, 1 lb. of hand-pulled BBQ, a pint of cole slaw, and a dozen hushpuppies will feed 2 adults

For sandwiches, 1 lb. of hand-pulled BBQ, a pint of cole slaw, and 4 buns will feed 4 adults

A Boston butt will feed 8 - 10 adults

25 lbs. Of hand-pulled BBQ will provide for 50 adults;

50 lbs. of chopped BBQ will provide for 100 adults

A 100 lb. Pig (A whole pig), after it is cooked, will yield approximately 50 lbs. of meat and will feed 100 adults.

You will receive a confirmation call within 24 hours. 

Family Sized Meals:  

Pint (pt) feeds 2 people

Quart (qt) feeds 4 people

Gallon (gal) feeds 25 people. 

Choose your favorite meats

Whole Pig Cooked & Delivered, Pulled pork, Brisket, Ribs, or Chicken

Choose your favorite sides:

Collards, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Cabbage, Baked Beans, Buttered Potatoes, & Green Beans, or Sweet Potato Casserole, Mac N Cheese, Brunswick Stew

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