Customer Reviews


Charlie, just wanted to let you know that everyone was raving over all the food on Saturday night. It was wonderful. (Again, as usual !) Thanks again so much for catering our party. It made it easy on me, all I had to do was get my house cleaned. Hope you and Kim have a good week.Thanks Again !

Terry M. Hopkins, PE, NCDOT Division of Mobility and Safety

Hey Charlie the food was the best i have tasted in a long time and i am already asking my parents to bring me back the fries were the best i have tasted in my life and after I finished mine I helped my friend finish his and kims bannana pudding was delicious and me and my friend ate it in about 2 minutes I love your resteraunt and you need to keep up the good work I will spread the word and you might get even more customers

Zach Hayes,

My wife and I agree there is no comparison that can come close to Charlies BBQ! We had our first dinner there the other night and it was the best BBQ dinner we had ever had. It reminded us both of some great down home southern cooking. Outstanding food and great service.

Wilbur O'Neal,

I found Charlie's BBQ and Grille on Google and read one other review on Yelp and I had to try it. Very Good. I had a pulled pork sandwich with the coleslaw on top. The bun was fresh and delicious. It came with a side homemade fries and I dumped the homemade BBQ sauce on it was well.

The service was genuinely the nicest I have ever received in my life. Charlie, the owner, happened to be up front and recommended my meal. Afterwards he sat down with me for about 20 mins and shot the breeze. I rode there on my motorcycle and he even recommended a safety class that he and other state troopers started.

Next time your out in that area, or are looking for a good little BBQ joint to ride your motorcycle to, I suggest this one.

Leandro D., Raleigh, NC